It makes things like the EVF button easier to hit. This feature is very useful when doing aerial or architectural photography. U bevindt zich hier: Erase a single image, selected images, all images in a folder, all images in a card or erase only unprotected images. Movies, on the other hand, since the s, were shot at a rate of 24 frames per second. Enabled in all metering modes. The highlight area is adjustable.

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Now the four audio controls behind the door can be adjusted for four separate channels of stereo.

Camera Corner: The Canon XL2 by Dirck Halstead – The Digital Journalist

ISO speed for still photos during movie shooting: In other words, the image was being degraded. As readers of The Digital Journalist have seen over the past year or so, the name of the game is changing from the old broadcast standard of 4: Earlier cameras had the Displayed in 6 levels: What this did was to enable a whole new generation of would-be Steven Spielbergs to actually make a major motion picture on a budget.

Also, you have “force-run” options in which you can use multiple cameras on a shoot with the same time code. So they wanted to be able to have full interchangeability of the optics.

Canon knew cameta had something big when suddenly the XL1 became the camera of choice for one of the biggest film industries in the world – the adult entertainment industry.


Nevertheless, we have gotten accustomed to that, and that is why we can so easily detect the difference between tape and film.

Power turns off after the set time 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 or 30 minutes of non-operation elapses. To get the old 4: Within a camerra they learned differently, as the camera quickly began to be adapted not just by serious video aficionados, but also by those in broadcast.

Images that do not require a lot of detail can be softened, such as imperfections and close-ups.

But it’s what Canon did inside that is truly remarkable. When Canon first designed the XL1 in the mid-’90s, frankly they had no idea what they had on their hands.

Helps reduce image noise in highlight areas. Adjustable in 13 stops, from off to over- saturate.

They are crucial to his or her “look. What this meant was that if you were serious about producing a wide-screen film, it was best to continue to shoot in the standard 4: Spot metering center, approx.

If all this sounds like overkill or Greekremember once again that there are people out there who need all of this. The XL2 offers not only 24fps progressivebut also 30fps progressive and the normal 60i at Same as the ISO speed used for movie shooting.


A good director of photography on a movie wants to control many aspects of the picture.

Canon EOS 5Ds body | HUREN VERHUUR

Battery information can be checked with the [Battery info. Ipx is because Canon has introduced more magnesium alloys into the body, to make the camera more robust.

You will see how all this comes together as we continue. Adjust the color phase of pox image towards red or green for exact control see the example of the dancers in the red dress.

To take a look at what the camera is capable of, look at our video presentation, in which Canon shot five different scenarios – from a commercial to a crime show – to see how all of these options work.

Pixect – Take photos online with webcam effects

When a reporter, for example, covers a press conference, he is using his watch to note important pf that he wants to air. Partial metering center, approx. The old 16X lens has been replaced with a new 20X fluorite lens. Canon will start selling body-only components later in the fall, if you want to stick with your old lenses.