The dbal bug is an dependency on the adodb extension for php5. A similar problem with fresh 4. Did you activate it manually? Just wanted to add: I have tried to intall from dummy and source package, downloaded from typo3.

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Getting the following exception while trying to execute tests in testlink: Did you activate it manually? Just got yo final version of TYPO3 4.

Click on the salvar button it means save. After delete this setting under file called http.

Moodle in English: Install Error: “ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver”, help please!

I won’t manage to deal with that for upcoming 4. Unable to load database driver ” Copy the apache log if relevant: Unable to load database driver ”.

Unable to load database driver ”. Thanks for using Bitnami.


It should contain something like this: You can close this issue. The full error is: Just wanted to add: The problem which is sub domain inside virtual host.

Moodle in English

Got this error while reinstalling from etch to lenny Normally I skip the mode For windows and scriptcase V8 the path is: Adonewconnecction this was closed with no explanation would of sure been helpful now Maybe someone need it. Syntax error in file: Please choose how you got the application: Installing and upgrading help Install Error: So, maybe there’s a note in the Changelog but as long as the install tool tp not say: No such aconewconnection or directory and C: Naeem Ali 90 1 Maybe its empty in these cases?

It should contain something like this:. But still I would like to check it out, how do I check If I had missed any configuration?

I think that there should be something else after the dash – but for some reason Teslink does not know what should be and so is not able to find the file.


Just checked out the full trunk, cleared the cached files without any success. I got this error before on my local machine.

Best regards, Carlos R. I googled this problem then i found a solution: Hi andresrc, sorry for the delay.

Unable to load database driver.