ADI offers a comprehensive portfolio of switches and multiplexers covering single to multiple switch elements with various signal ranges in a variety of packages. THD is far below dB 0. The exclusive Advanced Balanced mode delivers a balanced signal path from the DAC straight to the phone, with 3 dB gain in Signal to Noise Ratio, smoothed out deviations in components, optimized frequency response, super low output impedance 0. Aiming for the absolute reference sound, any detail in the ADI-2 Pro is special and has its own story. Videos Deterministic Ethernet for Industry 4.

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RME: ADI-2 Pro Anniversary Edition

Videos Instrumentation and High Speed: Audio Amplifier with Electret Microphone. Please Select a Language. What is a Thermocouple? OctaMic D Out of production!

Intro to Electronic Components and Equipment. Fireface UFX Out of production!

The ADI optical portfolio covers a range of technologies, such as current mirrors, translinear logarithmic amplifiers, laser diode driver ICs, and optical sensors.

Analog Devices DSPs, mixed-signal control processors, embedded processors, and analog microcontrollers support a wide variety of general-purpose and application specific needs. A transparent see-through top with inner illumination and stylized HiFi feet make it a must have not only for the celebrating RME enthusiast.


Audio/Format Converters

Analog Devices amplifiers deliver high performance by combining circuit design and manufacturing process innovation to simplify signal conditioning design. Introduction to RC Circuits.

Digiface Out of production! Analog Devices amplifiers and linear products deliver high performance by combining circuit design and manufacturing process analkg to simplify signal conditioning design. Thermocouple Amps with Cold Junction Compensation.

More about Industrial Ethernet. Videos Summer Camp Lab 3: A low power mode and a high power mode are provided, for a perfect match from IEM up to planar. Webcast Fundamentals of Clocks.

The Extreme Power design also incorporates current limiting, power surveillance, overload detection and DC protection. The whole analog circuit design is fully symmetrical and balanced throughout – and DC-coupled. Analog Devices designs power management products audoo complement signal chains where signal integrity requires an efficient power design, high reliability, and leading innovation.

Uadio Out of production! Select a category below or view our New Products Listing. The Extreme Power design excels with 0. Videos Summer Camp Lab 1: Videos Summer Camp Lab 4: The main PCB is an extraordinary 10 layer design with 1x copper thickness, guaranteeing finest undisturbed sound as well as ample but separated power for the phones outputs. Analog Switches and Multiplexers. Videos Synchronized Converters Synchronized Converters. More about Analog Functions.


Helping you through your design challenges. More about Power Management.

Audio CODECs | Analog Devices

Videos Deterministic Ethernet for Industry 4. Balanced Phones mode As before, but: Compatibility with Mac OS X comes right out of the box.

As RME’s engineers were not satisfied with the existing techniques they developed a new Advanced Balanced mode for the ADI-2 Pro, that removes most limitations of standard balanced operation, and turns this mode into a a fully new experience.