Chorus pedals, Compressors, and Peppermint Fuzzes are custom made to order due to the many options, so are taking from a day to a week. Its funny; I would think that the silver sounded alot like my screamer until I hooked the back in line to check for a difference. The yellow SD-1 has the same basic design as a Tube screamer but with asymmetrical clipping. The BD-2 is a totally different overdrive sound, a very sweet sounding pedal after the mod. Or simply leave it connected to a power adaptor overnight to get all the caps happy, and use it often, for best tone! For shipping info, status, and stock availability, please email Ryan in our shipping and testing department at shipping at analogman dot com For questions about standard modifications and availability of modified guitar effects pedals, contact Brian in our mods department at: In a blind listening test with my friend who owns the , we listened to how both units sounded.

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Ibanez TS9 and TS Tube Screamers, Maxon OD9 and similar effects pedals and mods

For questions, please email analogmike. Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel anlogman using a pair of our modified tube screamers. The DS-1 has quite a scooped midrange, especially stock. J Mascis has some KoT pedals that he uses live for his clean! See our Tube Screamer history page for more info.

Analog Man guitar effects tube screamer pedal mods

He also used our Mini Chorus for most modeed the cool leslie type sounds on this solo album, and also the recent Marillion moded.


The expression jacks are more expensive on Boss pedals due to pedal construction, this price is only for AD Play gently and get a clear, clean tone, play harder and the crunch and distortion comes out clear and full! RMC wahs have been backed up but we are getting them in more regularly now, see my RMC page for current status.

Inside it uses better quality components than the DD-5 so the sound and performance should be better.

Jimmy Herring sent me a note in early You have to use this blind method otherwise there will be psychological bias. So there is less circuitry in your signal path for a clearer, purer tone. You should use a power supply for best results. Here is a modedd from Pascal Vigne, a professional guitar-player from France.

Analog Man Vintage guitar effects

What it does it pretty interesting. Many customers especially overseas have asked to buy TS-9s which are already modified, for convenience so they do not have to ship the pedal here and back. After bluex mod, the SNAP is back in your playing- the transients and highs sound blies lot better. This mode has more drive than the standard OD mode- a touch of hard distortion.

Pretty much a tube screamer sound, with a clean amp it does not add a lot of distortion, but with a cranked marshall it’s enough for Monster Magnet’s thick Sabbath type tones.

The Analog Man DS-1 is a thing of beauty, the answer to all my dreams. David Bryson from Counting Crows loves his and got a second one for moddee studio.

I set it up like my stock pedal and all night long I was like A really fine pedal should sound good when almost anything is plugged in, and into just about any amp. Middle is clean position, others depend on how my builders wired up the switch.


I went right to work and added it to my pedal board along with my VOX wah and another stock TS re-issue tubescreamer. This is similar to what the high-end home audio guys routinely do when they buy a piece of equipment – they spend a few hundred dollars putting in the EXPENSIVE capacitors which lets the true sound come through.

But it can add some noise if you move the sliders away from the center.

It allows using paypal in addition to several other payment methods including credit cards. I can’t wait to try this through my 50 watt Plexi head and cab since the Super is a bit thin for my taste. I finally got a little time off and broke modeed my ’73 Super Lead and the KoT pedal.

Anyone can find information online midded changing various capacitors in a tube screamer to add low end.

For these new mods, we would change a few components to try to improve the tone, then email each other what we changed. I have successfully modified SM-9s to the style chips and output section. The BD-2 is a totally different overdrive sound, a very sweet sounding pedal after the mod.