Good Stratum 0 time source. This device is not a conventional handfrtee unut for a car; it looks like a bulky wristwatch and is meant for bicycle handlebars. The 17N has been discontinued and replaced by the 17HVS. Also a similar GR version available. See David Taylor’s page:

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R4 Series GPS Receiver Module

This is not normal GPS data. The 18 series, unlike the 16, reports skyview via a packet Reported by Chris S. The USB cable is a separate item to order. Settings are saved in flash powered by a backup battery and persistent over connections and when you turn it off. Magellan Now owns what used to be the Thales and — product lines. Navius This vendor has also traded as “Navisky”.

In-car hands-free bluetooth phone and GPS device. Reported by walkie mail.

It is likely that later releases will support the receiver, especially if there is a in this column; this means we have a regression test load for receivr device that is checked before each release. It is possible that only GR supports Bluetooth. Had to use anfaris -b option. Best performing GPS receiver I have seen – fast fix and robust against obstructions to sky view. PPS pulse is only 1uS wide, but newer gpsd handles that fine.


A firmware update is available to resolve this issue. Where possible, we indicate this in the device table. The best antarid performer I have tested.

Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

Bluetooth operation requires -b option. Pilotplugs are RS, 8N1. This is only implemented in the timing versions of Antaris4. This device was supported by GPSD up to release 2. Mobile devices will be mostly reeiver from in-band jamming signals that are emitted by transmitting devices such as WLAN, Bluetooth or mobile phones in their proximity.

Requires the “-b” flag to prevent mode switching. Garmin uses a feceiver bit SNR scale. This is an OEM module but it is available in small quantities.

Manual states incorrectly that VTG is off by default. In the PPS column of the table table, if just one number is given it is the manufacturer’s claimed timing accuracy. NemeriX has gone into liquidation as of Jan By default the device does not report 2d fixes; the vendor configuration tool offers checkboxes to enable any combination of none, 2D fixes, 3D fixes, or both.


Motorola has exited the GPS business. Can be switched to NMEA 3. Luckily this device has ‘reset’ function by pressing power button for 10 sec.

u-blox AG – Embedded Computing Design

I use a time1 parameter of It was cool in its day, now a dinosaur mainly good for regression testing. Receiver comes up in silent mode, you may need to use ashctl to turn on a default set of messages.

There are other proprietary commands. Firmware updates are available from antaros the update is strongly recommended as it fixes a number of UBX bugs, and adds useful new features.