Now it’s time for another kind of notebook PCs meant to replace desktop PCs. This is one of the best configurations I’ve ever seen. So, the first aspect is the run-down time. Korogod if doesn’t occupy its usual place is on its typical position. I can see nothing to find fault with. Accessories Since we got a preproduction sample, it came only with a power source and a CD with drivers and utilities.

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CD playback without OS booting Drives.

Conclusion This is auxio very good business-type notebook. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: You can also find there a base of the drivers and BIOS updates.

A2L | ASUS Global

On the back you can find “static” connectors usually one plugs in cables there only once, when arranging the PC on the desktop. The right-hand side is less loaded. The sound is higher than the average one. BioShock Infinite and Metro: In this case we can’t allow for a light weight or consider that the run-down time can make up for some downsides.


There is almost no complaints concerning its design and operation.

The main trends in the notebook PC development leave their traces in practice: In general, this is a convenient office-type computer. In front are the display latch and CD playback controls.


I have no complaints about it; the brightness level is sufficient. The production notebooks will certainly have a different accessory pack. Operation, ergonomics There is nothing unexpected under the display.

With the launch of the Intel Centrino all notebook makers offered slim and light solutions. Video 3Digests Video cards: Some time ago I already expressed my opinion towards such features in office-type notebook PCs, and a bit later I’ll tell you what I think about this very realization.

Asus A2500L Parts and accessories

But 2 hours of the run-down time is enough for desktop-type notebooks it’s just one more curtsey for the Centrino: The lines have no difference in design, i. Site The Taiwanese site is user-friendly and has in-depth illustrated descriptions of notebooks.

I find it optimal when the scroller is located between the main buttons. The keyboard is standard for big machines.


So, the first aspect is the run-down time. The touchpad design is typical of ASUS models. Otherwise, you lose the warranty.

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The arrangement of the connectors is excellent. The silvery case makes it looking light – I would never say it weights over 3 kg! Tests Here you will see only plain figures since it makes no sense to compare notebooks equipped with CPUs of different clock speeds. Let’s see if it is really convenient to use it.

The powerful cooling system copes well with its functions. I can see nothing to find fault with. First impressions The design of this model is also office-like: It has an almost ideal arrangement of the components and nice appearance.

I think it’s because of a hole underneath above on the left which smoothes away distortions inside the PC case.