I think that’s why laptop sound can be so bad. Make a restart on your computer after the above two steps are finished to allow the new ASUS Realtek audio driver come into effect. Mar 16, Posts: Wed Jul 28, 8: Wed Jul 28, 9: Well, you won’t find me claiming that ASUS cannot layout a motherboard. Jan 12, Posts:

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Implementations can vary, but the DAC issue is something that was solved a long time ago. Same with the X-Fi, other than silly reverb, digital output completely bypasses the sound card and just goes straight through it. Not a fan of the X-fi, however. Feb 12, Posts: May 10, Posts: Wed Jul 28, 4: They resample, I believe and don’t stand up as well as the Xonar in listening tests.

If you aren’t using a digital connection, Realtek’s DACs fucking blow. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled since moving on from Socket-A by motherboards that usally place the integrated sound on a riser board though even there I had to contend with a craptacular realtek solution almost as bad as the M4N82 Deluxe on an early AM2 board from Abit.

May 26, Posts: I’ve tried swapping out various PSU’s and video cards. The 1s and 0s either are or are not. What makes the entire situation even more al8c88 is that cheap PCI soundcards based on CMI chips that you used to be able to find anywhere for next to nothing and are vastly superior to realtek crap are being removed from the market for reasons that baffle me except, of course to force people into buying more expensive sound cards.


[SOLVED] Terrible Sound Realtek ALC (Asus P5E-WS Pro)

I don’t care at all about features, I just want something that outputs reasonably clear audio and my experience with onboard sound has been lacking. You’ve had far better luck than I, then.

Do some cards process more sounds effects? I had some motherboards where the realtek audio is decent never great, but decent and others like my M4N82 Deluxe which isn’t a low end board where the Realtek audio is total and utter garbage talking analog audio here.

A great sound card can output great analog sound.

Wed Jul 28, I figured I’d give it a shot and it seems to sound pretty good. All of this is moot though if I use the Coax digital? Would the coax still be susceptible to interference from other MB components and poor layout that seems to be an issue? It’s alway been rock solid and sounds great. However, if you’re offloading digitally, then there’s absolutely no reason to bother, as you say.


Daneel Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: At the same time, even with these good implementations, the difference is obvious to me with a good speaker set-up or headphones.

The ALC is being almost completely bypassed. By sending your feedback, you agree to the Privacy Policy.

Definitely not super high end, but a clear step above your average computer speakers. We Are Trusted By.

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I haven’t had the problems semi described with good on-board audio such as the chipsets you mentionlaptops have been horrible however. Driver Talent for Network Card.

In both double blind listening tests with multiple subjects and with different objective measurements, the Xonar is vastly superior to any Realtek implementation in analogue out. You’ll have to listen very carefully to hear differences between competent DACs which is virtually aeus of them now. So if it’s not the quality, what’s the point in using add-in cards?