Is there some special driver package or “generic” driver for old cards that might work? Email me about changes to this bug report. Another way to watch YouTube etc is by using html 5 http: Copy and paste one of the following strings in update these please! It is easy to install these however, this is how:

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When you are finished, keep hitting ESC to exit and say ‘Yes’ rafe want to save. If not, the advice I found here was: If those don’t work, restart the machine into openfirmware hold down Command-Option-o-f after turning on, and keep pressed until you see the openfirmware prompt. Email Required, but never shown. This causes problems when I try to move the computer from a very high resolution monitor 22 inch LCD monitor supporting X to a moderate resolution monitor 17 dage CRT minitor supporting X at 75Hz.

Unlike the tasksel command this will give a description of what the problem is. If it is a simple package then something like the following may also work although you’re better following the guides above so that you don’t get in a mess with permissions: The touchpad may seem unresponsive or the cursor moves in “steps” 90 degree movements which make it difficult to use.


Googling vesa drivers for linux now, is there a specific one or something though I should try?

Regards, fpgahardwareeng ineer ProblemType: It almost always freezes ubbuntu computer when I select the preview button so I set the activation time to its lowest setting to test the screensaver. That would be the default open-source driver. Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. How do I configure an xorg.

The dd command just copies raw data afterall. You can also adjust the hard drive see hdparm and hdparm.

Windows emulation on PowerPC will run very slow, due to the very nature of what it has to do translate x86 code to PowerPC. Drop to a shell, mount where you have stored the file and use the insmod command. You must write yaboot changes to pri with ybin before rebooting. No, not if you are happy with your current release and are still receiving updates for it. This will also enable DRI on some low memory graphics cards.

Linux drivers for old graphics card?

For example, for some Linksys routers, go to ” December 6th, 6. Otherwise you can try using the xorg-edgers PPA. Run the cd to the yaboot prompt. BinaryDriverHowto is not sufficient for 3D: Some of these cards live long enough to be a positive embarrassment to their creators.


Ubuntu Manpage: r – ATI Rage video driver

You can also pass parameters in this file, for example: So, I guess that merits a “solved” marking. When this occurs, it also stops me switching to a console e. Make sure “Connect automatically” and “Available to all users” are ticked.

Where is my Caps Lock light? The ‘ati’ driver met the same fate as the ‘r’ driver. Prp had the same problem with Fedora Core 1 when I first tried that, which was cleared right up by installing proper drivers for the card, so I am assuming that if I can find the right driver it will work, Ubnutu don’t know that the solution in that post will help as I don’t have a rage card, but maybe there will be an equivalent for mine.

Alternatively, use the mini ISO. Lightspark does not appear in the list because it goes under the name of “flash-mozilla.