I purchased one of these from Jaycar in sydney Australia. Devices this driver supports: Hi, sorry to tell you that BlueSoleil 1. After logining, you have the right to add a comment or reply. Reply 2 1 ginni replied at This is on Windows 7. This was the last driver for this hardware as it is very old and was never updated again.

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Now I suddenly find out I have to pay unreasonable amounts of money just to use a bluetooth dongle I’ve alrewady paid for?

BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver – USB Driver

The Bluetooth will be Blue until it has been connected to turn it yellow. You buy itthen they want to charge you twice what you already paid to make it work. I purchased a bluetooth dongle from a random electronics goods shop, and it was working fine in the beginning. Operating system not what you have? They sell you this junk and then don’t support it. It will then connect. What you could try is running the driver in compatibility mode. This is a widely used Bluetooth driver and many devices make us of this to ensure that blussoleil mobile phones can work.


Uhm, can we just get normal drivers? After about a month it started disconnecting my mouse after about 20 seconds of boot up.


Reply 2 1 ginni replied at I feel ripped off. Is it in www.

I want someone to give me the drivers needed for what I paid for. Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install. I bought a blue tooth dongle with a software disk included but it won’t work. Reply 0 imprello Rate: I would like to request for my Bluetooth dongle driver for Windows XP.

I managed to repair my old laptop and now I get a message telling me that I have to buy a download to activate and use the dongle??? I’ve not been able to install this product dispite having installed and reinstalled using the micro cd that came with it. Anyone buying this blue soleil USB kit is getting ripped off.

Reply 1 1 Sunny replied at I am using a Bluetooth dongle at the rear of my computer so you will need to have this plugged into your computer already. Reply 0 sunraj Rate: Sign in to get personalized recommendations. Related Posts Bluetooth Driver 0. The laptop was old and eventually packed up so I bought a new one.


I have purchase a bluetooth mini dongle mbbd but when i install software version 6.

Once you download the driver from their website you will need to install the Bluetooth driver and then donfle will need to setup the driver. Hi, sorry to tell you that BlueSoleil 1.

BlueSoleil IVT replied at After logining, you have the right to add a comment or reply. Tech support say I can’t use it with windows 7.

That was over a year ago and I was really happy with the dongle and services. You can follow the other websites as well and search this website for more information on mobile phones and other USB components. This is on Windows 7.