Some general ‘minimal’ guide-lines are: Vendors of commercial for sale packages should contact me regarding distribution arrangements. The window is in an initial “on” state, but can be toggled on or off by pressing LeftShift-Ctrl-5 the ‘5’ located on the numeric keypad. Although undocumented, BNU provides for locked baud rates at both and baud: When the AT machine was released, a second interrupt controller was added to service another 8 interrupt levels; and the upper 8 levels “cascaded” into the first interrupt controller’s IRQ 2. Can BNU share interrupts? Beta releases are, by nature, less stable than release versions.

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If you obtain one, please do NOT distribute it by posting it for download or file request. The last released driver in the open beta scheme was version 1. Some program will have their own interrupt driven communications functions, and others will poll the port directly.

All property rights are retained by the owner. Special thanks to Paul Marwick of 3: What about BNU 1. A fssil benefit of this is that BNU can be loaded before any environment variables are set, and so takes up the absolute minimum of RAM.

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This can only be empirically tested. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

BNU (software)

Software using the FOSSIL standard could communicate using the same interrupt functions no matter what hardware it was running on. They cannot be authenticated, and they are not officially supported by anyone. Another use of this switch might be to enable toggling between two or more communications drivers which make use of INT 14H such as packet radio communications drivers.


And to his poor users for putting up with “would you like to try something for me?

BNU (software) – Wikipedia

It looks only at one bnuu when servicing interrupts. If you discover a driver in the 1. If you find a beta version, you assume all risks. Any ports whose baud rate has been “locked” are listed sequentially.

BNU is not provided with a warranty of any kind, including, but not limited to fitness for any particular purpose or consequential loss. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat There are no restrictions on distribution nbu BNU 1. Can my serial card use IRQ 8 – 15? Memory is precious – especially in a multitasking environment, and most of the time, the standard 1K transmit and receive buffers are far too much to allocate.

Retrieved from ” https: Special terms cover use of BNU, BNU beta test versions, any accompanying programs including any supplied source code and its documentation in commercial environments. You are otherwise welcome to give the driver to others provided that the receiver is aware of the beta status.

It has been proven stable on a wide variety of systems and, with specific exceptions, works better than any subsequent beta release see Q5. Basically, these cards are a mini-PC themselves, with CPU’s dedicated to servicing communications only, relieving the main CPU of all interrupt bmu save the copying of data from common RAM to the application.


The reason for this restriction is to prevent a user from using a beta release which causes problems on their system and with other software without them realising the status of the driver. bnj

BBS Archives – Fossil Drivers

If carrier detect drops the caller hangs up while the watchdog function is active, the system will be rebooted. This feature is officially ‘not supported’ under any conditions, and I certainly don’t need to hear that it “does” or “doesn’t” work on your system. It can also be an invaluable aid in “tuning” the driver to your machine. The short answer is No.

I ask only that the terms of the original distribution be honoured – that is, do not make it available for file request or download and do not transmit it by any other authomated means ie. Those specifically interested in testing the driver and reporting problems were allowed access.

BNU is now in closed beta test only.