Reply March 11, Mod For slower music where transients and articulation is not as important, the HRT with its warmer tone and better soundstage presentation is a better fit. I’m so used to amps I can’t listen to a headphone without them. Gears used for review: Namely, introducing the ephemeral quality musicality into the transistor domain, a sphere previously dominated by somewhat derogatory terms such as “analytical”, “clinical” and “sterile”. This will vary just a bit with sources of course. I was kinda skimming through the article quickly and I saw the statement about the pairing of the amps instead.

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Wink and myself both thought we could detect minor differences – Wink found the Burson’s leading edges to be slightly harsher than the Buffalo, and I found the Burson to add an iota of deep bass detail while lacking an iota of midrange creaminess – but I ahdio be very hard pressed to tell the difference in a blind test.

Burson Audio HA-160D

The D, as reviewed back in November by Kyle, was really something special. Reply May 29, Apogee. Wouldn’t prospective buyers ha-10d this to be on a very much need-to-know basis? Thanks for the advice, I received the Burson HaD and it sounds great.


6moons audio reviews: Burson Audio HAD

There are two headphone outputs marked ‘H’ and ‘L’ for high and low gain. Reply May 10, Zheng Yu. It goes beyond even the Burson’s 3-in-1 talents as a 5-in-1 DAC with fixed outputs, iPod digital-direct dock, tube preamp, headphone amp and 40wpc integrated speaker amp.

The bass response is quite unbeatable among all the amplifiers Ive bursln.

The Grace has a more audible low to mid treble while not being as full in the mids. Any thoughts on this? Upgrading to silver cables helps but at a price which cables are to recommended?

Not Burson of course. Thanks for the compliments on the website too!

Why won’t it do well with Senns? Before we dig deeply into the sound and inner workings of the HA, there are a couple of things you first need to understand about Auido. Reply July 11, Anonymous. The transients is also looser, less articulate and less precise with the HRT. I thought so and asked John Delmo at Burson to fill in the blanks. There are no issues at all with bass presentation.

Looks good on the outside. Reply January 21, Curt Weill. Thank for a comprehensive and very down-to-earth review. Only a few years ago, the world of high-end audio was neatly split into two camps; those who cherished a valve amp’s ability to recreate natural tone and timbre, and those who busron solid state’s low noise floor, transient speed and frequency extension.


More people should dive in into headphone listening. This casing clearly contributes to the x x 80mm silver-anodized enclosure’s weight of 7kg.

In a best company of Sennheiser Ha-160r I had great experiences with both of digital inputs. I haven’t done a direct A-B, but I can say that the Burson is tuned for music listening, while the Lavry for monitoring purpose.

Srajan Ebaen Financial Interests: What I mean by solid state is that it has all the strong points normally associated with solid state: It’s been reportedly improved over the version in the earlier HA whose step spacing with higher output sources I’d criticized. But with the HA, no such problems arise. Reply February 28, Scytus. I already see the Burson and LCD-2 sometime in my future and an empty wallet as always: