That being said, for those that did buy into the Thunderbolt 2 model in past years, there is no performance benefit to having this latest Thunderbolt 3 model. Size Speed Airflow Noise Level. Yes, you can connect dual 4K 60Hz monitors to the T4. Corsair RMx buy from Amazon. If even quieter storage is required, users can use the SSD version of the T4. Mac OS X

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The T4 includes a free Thunderbolt 3 cable in the box. Corsair Air buy from Amazon. It is very quiet and an ideal device to use in environments that require less noise. With that said, for those new to the CalDigit ecosystem, the T4 is a fantastic place caleigit start.

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Yes, the T4 features multiple ways of keeping the HDDs inside the unit at a cool operating temperature. Corsair RMx buy from Caldigut. That is just a fraction of the possibilities. Yes, if you purchase the 3. The aluminum design also helps with heat dissipation keeping the T4 cool at all times.

CalDigit has changed up the capacity lineup, so you do get a bit more storage per dollar in comparison to the last generation platform. Click the link below to see real-time pricing for the best deal: Yes, you caldigjt connect a Thunderbolt 3 monitor to the spare Thunderbolt 3 port on the T4. Nearly four years ago, we had the T4 Thunderbolt 2 in the lab for testing.


When you get back to the office just plug the Thunderbolt 3 cable to your laptop and you will be backing up and charging. The uniformity of the components used in our products also allow us to provide comprehensive customer support that we are famous for. This powerful software provides vital drive information, RAID management, event notifications, email notifications, event logs, and disk benchmark tests.

The power adapter comes in at The maximum resolution through the DisplayPort connector is 4K 60Hz.

CalDigit T4 RAID Thunderbolt 3 Review

While we weren’t able to test the charging capabilities since we are testing with an iMac, 85W is strong enough for the highest end MacBook models. Certain functionality that is only possible through Thunderbolt 3 such as laptop charging will not function when connected to a Thunderbolt 1 or 2 host computer. CalDigit sells spare Thunderbolt 3 cables with the full Thunderbolt 3 specification in 0.

Yes, the T4 features Thunderbolt 3 that allows users to integrate the T4 as part of a powerful 4K workflow.

This software provides calidgit drive information, RAID management, event notifications, email notifications, event logs, and disk benchmark tests. The convenient removable drive design allows users to retrofit their systems in a blink of an eye.


CalDigit | Thunderbolt 3 RAID | T4

In some instances it will be important to have an incredibly fast scratch-disk for high-resolution files. Yes, the T4 includes free software to maintain and monitor the T4.

Included with the T4, we have a Thunderbolt 3 cable, power adapter and reading materials. One quarter capacity e.

CalDigit T4 8TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID Array (4 x 2TB) B&H

RAID 1 gives users four automatic back-ups of their data, and is ideal for users who need security for their data. Americas United States English: Looking over the enclosure, we have all fours bays with locks on the right.

All of the components and hard drives have been carefully selected by us to provide a product with the optimal level of performance and reliability. Then when you turn the Mac back on from Sleep Mode the T4 will turn back on. We have an image of the T4 with marketing laid out below.

This gives users two RAIDs in one.