You can also create a Windows batch script with –scriptType batch. Then simply npm install to get setup after you clone the repo. The repository urls listed below contain bug fixes to official releases of HAPI. The alternative is to have a non-functional project if NPM or the dependency disappears one day. Enter your email below and I’ll make sure you hear about those tutorials the second they’re done. The problem is that Azure apparently can’t do concatenated commands, it can only do one command at a time.

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The Migrate Database command can be used to perform a migration from one version to the next. All Azure web apps run a background service called Kuduwhich among other things automates application deployment for several different languages and frameworks including ASP.

I was having the same error. Unfortunately, deploying this site to Azure was an absolute nightmare.

Everything that went wrong when deploying my Node + Hapi app to Microsoft Azure

I faced the same problem instll someone else in the team updated package. This is super easy in Hapi:. After going through many different questions on SO, I found one answer that I thought could help getting a solution. In order to instalp this command with an Tge database, you will need to invoke the CLI as follows:.

After changing “npm install. To make a route public, we just need to add config: Your selected Node version may not actually be your selected Node version. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. This implementation uses a fairly simple table design, with a single table being used to hold resource bodies which are stored as CLOBs, optionally GZipped to save space and a set of tables to hold search indexes, tags, history details, etc.


Took me a while to realise that the main entry in package. You can reach it at https: The code below registers the hapi-auth-jwt2 plugin and sets up a strategy named admin using the jwt scheme.

And that’s the chronicle of my nightmare deployment to Azure.

They need to be compiled down to the base JavaScript before it can work with them. Contents 1 Requirements 2 Installation on Windows 2.

HAPI Installation –

This design is only one of many possible ways of designing a FHIR server so it is worth considering whether it is appropriate for the problem you are trying to solve. If I run applications in fork mode they start in separate processes and hapl settings are in instsll. Azure won’t run multiple commands at the same time. This change is not a lightweight change however, as it requires a rebuild of the index tables in order to generate the hashes.

None of us can understand. This is a god like answer. He is using Unix. Note that running npm start in Windows itself will insgall those multiple commands just fine, so there might be something else going on here.


There are much better ways of working with Views and Layouts in Hapi, though. NET thd, Kudu will look for your packages. I wasn’t able to determine whether you can tell Azure to forward requests to a certain port, but thankfully there’s a better way to get requests to your Node app.

I needed to edit that process so that Kudu would install my TypeScript definition files with typingsbuild my TypeScript files and run my Gulp tasks before copying files over to the site root. HardikT 3 This error can be encountered if you are require ing a module that has a missing or incorrect main field in its package.

When you’re writing the code for a Node server app — whether it’s running Hapi, Express or anything else — you need to tell it which port it should be listening on to serve requests.

Learn more about deploying Node apps to Azure. Another commit and push to Azure, and now my deployments were finally building. The routing in Hapi is a little different from other frameworks.