The only program I kept was the DVD viewer. But to be fair, one must consider the fact that Dell had to crunch the keys of the m into a much smaller area than IBM did for the T40, so sacrifices in usability are expected in order to save on space. Before buying, I did a lot of research, particularly on the NotebookReview. Those are all the cons I could think of now. I never even have to use the arrow, either, because with the touchpad, I can effortlessly whiz through long documents. This is the part of the review where I hang my head in disappointment.

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Keyboard and touchpad above view view larger image. Check out this quote about the m from the Dell website:.

Small keyboard — The keyboard inpsiron not full size. The reason for that is because Synaptics has integrated some awesome features like virtual scrolling and right clicking.

It does give you a grip to hold onto when carrying around the machine, though. There is nothing special with the speakers.

Dell Inspiron 700m Review (pics, specs)

Dell Inspiron m front side view larger image. I also ran a program called Super Pi http: I was a little worried that the machine would be too thick to my liking, but when I first sxhc it out of the package, I was relieved. Left-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image Specs: The VGA and S-Video out are also welcome ports, overall the port layout and options for the m are good for a smaller sized notebook.


The display remains bright and readable outdoors, too, which is a plus. To change the volume, you can use the FN function on the keyboard.

# used #DELL INSPIRON 700m#Win7#Wi-Fi correspondence speaker breakdown

Either way, the m with its small If you have any questions about this machine, feel free to PM me. Build I separate the build from the design as it is entirely possible for the design of a notebook to look nice, but the build to feel a little cheap.

I was very surprised by its size when I first took it out of the plain old Dell box.

So are the arrow keys. If there were no extended battery option, I would not have bought this laptop nor would I recommend it to anyone.

fenderTech: Dell Inspiron m/m can’t read 2gb SD card

Seldom will the fan come on to get rid of the heat, but it lasts for around 5 seconds. Weak battery — The standard battery indpiron very, very weak. Front-side view of the Inspiron m and a look at its layout view larger image. Some laptops have mushy keyboards that sink into the machine when you touch them.

Front-side view of the Inspiron m and a look at its layout view larger image Left-side view of the Inspiron m and a look at its layout view larger image Right-side view of the Inspiron m and a look at its layout view larger image Bottom-side view of the Inspiron m and a look at its layout view larger image As you can see, an ample number of ports are provided for such a small notebook.


Subjectively, the machine is quick. Not putting any ports on the back ensures that all of the ports are easily accessible.

I got the same 2 minute and 10 second mark whether the m was plugged in or running xell batteries. The mouse buttons below the touchpad are just plain clunky. There is a downside to this type of display.

Dell m next to an iPod for size comparison view larger image. Again, please be depl that if your lecture or business meeting is over 2 hours and you want to take notes or do a presentation with the m then bring an AC adapter.

I am trying to make this review as objective as possible, but honestly, I have seen a lot ddll displays in my lifetime, and the m bests every single one of them. It was annoying, but after I changed from the Sigmatel audio drivers to the Intel ones, it was gone! It is very firm, solid, and responsive, which I like.

Look at the Inspiron or Inspiron for such a thing, you ll get a more powerful machine for a similar price with those notebooks.