The driver for this chip is under active development and will be included in the BSP once completed. To remove this dependency, users can specify the following in their local. Dimensions 70×70 mm 2. If you have an account with us, please log in. Do you want to buy this product? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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Instead of extracting a BSP tarball at the top level of your yocto build tree, you can equivalently check out the appropriate branch from the meta-intel repository at the same location.

Clicking that should give you a root terminal. View the Layer Index.

More info Add to Compare. Under Linux, insert a USB flash drive. As an alternative to downloading the BSP tarball, you can also work directly from the meta-intel git repository.

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No further testing or integration has been done. Client USB is disabled: Audio over secondary HDMI port only: This is a known issue under investigation. This will cause problems with software assuming a typical 1. These devices can clent used to boot the device, or as secondary storage.


Temporarily Out of Stock This item is currently out of stock, but placing an order now you’ll receive it as soon as available. Please see our privacy policy. From a Linux host, load the driver with the following options:. Note however that the above doesn’t work for the crownbay and fri2 BSPs because those BSPs use EMGD, which cilent requires the va-intel component eg20tt if the other video acceleration components are removed:.

Images are for illustrative purposes only. If you want to ssh into the system, you can use the root terminal to ifconfig the IP address and use that to ssh in. Note that the connman-gnome UI does not allow for configuring the cellular interface. If you have an account with us, please log in. Insert the device into one of the USB host ports on the target, and power on. Buy samples or Contact us. This should result in a system booted to the Sato graphical desktop.

Driver Intel(R) Platform Controller Hub EG20T USB Client Controller – for Windows

Audio over secondary HDMI port only. There does not appear to be a deterministic way of getting the device to output the signal video and audio over the secondary port. If you want a terminal, use the arrows at the top of the UI to move to different pages of available applications, one of which is named ‘Terminal’. This makes the module extremely versatile and suited for all kind of applications, including udb and industrial.


The ofono-tests package can be used to configure the modem and bring up an interface.

CONFIG_USB_EG20T: Intel QUARK X1000/EG20T PCH/LAPIS Semiconductor IOH(ML7213/ML7831) UDC

For each BSP in the ‘meta-intel’ repository, there are multiple branches, one corresponding to each major release starting with ‘laverne’ 0. The reason this is needed is to prevent the image from including anything that might violate the license terms of the packages used to implement the the video acceleration feature, such as gst-ffmpeg and ffmpeg.

These can be tested using the alsa-utils package. This should give you a bootable USB flash device. Upon customer to consider application-specific cooling solutions for the final system to keep the heatspreader temperature in the range indicated.

This site uses cookies. For software expecting a typical clock, directing them to use a BAUD of rather than can work around the problem. COM Express Carrier boards.