Still not working… Still? Its time to do a Converter side loopback test. Here is where the USB connector wires should go to, use the chart and the image pinout of the usb to link it all together. First I connect it to the computer and then I connect the power supply. Strip the end of every wire very little needs to be showing, perhaps 2 or 3 mm.

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Run loopback test and ensure your converter works. Plug the cable into your computer before loading the program. Notify me of new posts by email. You can keep a close eye on what is happening internally with the vehicles you rely on.

There is a method called a loopback test.

You will need 3. Fast service with excellent results fro A Greddy boost control lets you make sure that boost functions on high-performance vehicles do not cause undue strain on emanagf parts of the car’s system. Other than that it’s unused.


Still With all of this it does not connect. It comes with the box, emanage blue, main harness, manual, and hardware. Up for sale is a new Emanage blue.

GReddy e-Manage Support Tool

Has Greddy Adapter wired in for gt. CCmusic Power Performance and Accessories.

If this has helped you let me know! When cable is complete and correct driver is installed, go to device manager to determine the COM port. Once connected its all up to you. They work, I’ve used them before.

wilbo / GReddy e-Manage Support Tool

The active and Interaction lights both turn on, they stay both on all the time, no matter if I connect the usb or not. Do we need a special cable in order to connect the eManage Blue to a computer?

Change that in the emanage blue unit and then click to connect and voila! Second emanage blue connector will not be bluf or included.

Emanage can be downloaded from this emanage group on yahoo. Originally Posted by mozso.


Use winrar provided on same group to extract v1. To do all this it is likely easier to cut off the USB side and strip the ends of the wires to get easier contacts then reconnect everything once tested working. Sign up, and download e-manage How can I make it work?

All times are GMT After the serial loopback test is confirmed working if not your laptop is busted. This is a universal unit designed for use on specific manual transmission equipped vehicles. Contact Us – NewCelica. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. When I give it power both active green and Interaction orange lights turn on, Non-blinking. Emanage blue harness shown in photo.