The two tests are Buffered Memory Bandwidth and Unbuffered Memory Bandwidth and here below a short explanation follows about what the difference between the two is. We are of course speaking of the problem caused by the lack of space for AGP and memory. Originally posted by draeseke: There are however very few nForce2 motherboard on the market at this time that offers this feature. We believe that nVidia has some work ahead of itself when it comes to gaming and office performance, but when we look at advanced 3D-performance there is only one king.

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It has happened more than once that you get negatively surprised after having stared at specifications and numbers when reality proves to be quite audko.

Mar 3, Posts: As final words we would like auduo say that soon there will be more nForce2 motherboards here on Nordichardware but which ones the future will reveal…. However there is room for improvments even here and some of them we saw already on Chaintech 7NJS Zenith, higher voltage settings for the memory.

Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? (and nForce2 questions)

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This is of course unacceptable and everyone who have a long AGP card should be very careful during installation. The nForce2 chipset has very generous memory settings which enables you to optimize the system very well no matter how good the quality of the memory is. Can someone answer this for me? Running Prime95 is a great way to really stress your system, as we have very rarely encountered an issue with a system that was able to pass 24 hours or more of Prime95 torture tests.


However, the latest nForce2 unified driver package v 2. While we weren’t able to hit MHz, we did get to MHz. Log in Don’t have an account? Here were our results:. May 29, Posts: Even if this is a feature which might ajdio be used very often it can be very useful when problems actually arise.

Here were the timings we were able to achieve: After we discovered auvio we determined to take a closer look at the cooler. The Port80 diagnostics card on the lower right hand corner is an invaluable tool for anyone who likes to tinker with their system.

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Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Incidently, from what we have seen thus far in nForce2 boards, it doesn’t seem like IDE RAID is being supported on very many models at all which is a shame. The following demos were run with SoundStorm sound enabled:.

Ships with the following: Post Your Comment Please log in 8tda sign up to comment. However we believe that nVidia or the motherboard manufacturers could improve the performance a bit more on the nForce2 chipset but we are more than pleased with the present performance. Memory stress testing was conducted by running RAM at MHz and MHz with as many modules populated as possible at the most aggressive timings possible.

Therefore, we conducted 24 aurio of Prime95 torture tests, ran various Super Pi stress tests, and reran various benchmarks like SPECviewperf 7.


Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? (and nForce2 questions) – Ars Technica OpenForum

The included panels gives the user access to both extra USB2. Among the positive parts we see spox EPoX left a lot of space around the socket and the “four holes” which ones again shows which market the card belongs in. Tue Mar 11, Even during original clock-frequencies the cooler got very hot which shows that the nForce2 SPP chip generates quite a lot of heat. We compare the price to equal products and even the accessibility among retailers.

EPoX is one of the few manufacturers who still stick to the old classical scheme of colors which once was used by most manufacturers. There shouldn’t be a single user out there that isn’t satisfied with these aggressive timings.

There is also the possibility to get this information shown during boot sequence which can be a good assistance. The Epox website says it does, but Newegg says it doesn’t, and looking at the pictures, I don’t think it does.

epod And with the video card installed it is impossible to change memory module if you do not physically bend the video card which we, of obvious reasons, do not recommend.