If I can write the driver in C , that would be great, but I’m not sure that’s possible. Only one adapter handle can be opened at a time on each PassThru binding. The simplicity of the implementation introduces one restriction that should be noted: If you only need to filter IP traffic then a filter that’s higher up the protocol stack e. Are there any open source projects or articles that explain the process better than the articles above? RTP is a protocol designed to support the transmission of time-base media, such as audio and video, over multicast-capable networks.

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Instead we will deal with it in later topics when we actually add features that require a PassThru handle to remain open for extended periods.

The simplicity of the implementation introduces one restriction that should be noted: Use at your own risk.

NDIS resources

The driver calls the NdisOidRequest function to send the request. Adapter-specific operations which we haven’t yet invented The driver enforces exclusive access on a per-binding basis. As I wrote some of the explanations I noticed faults in the thhe that really should be corrected. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:.

However, at this point there is no microosoft to inform the application that the adapter handle is invalid. Click here to view driver query-handling code fragments. The name of PCAUSA may not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. There are two important things to notice about this function: If your driver supports both bit and bit applications, then you can use a bit application to provide a “pretty face”.


Concurrently run a repetitive test that opens a PassThru adapter handle for five seconds and then closes it.

To micosoft this we add function DevOnUnbindAdapter that notifies the open handle logic about the unbind. Querying Information on an Adapter Handle Now that we have developed a mechanism to open a binding-specific handle on the PassThru driver it’s time to do something with it.

In its current state the PTUserIo application uses this approach; Win32 handles are only opened only briefly and are closed when the application exits. When we create our user-mode handle to a specific PassThru binding we will actually be mjcrosoft a mapping between the handle and a specific ADAPT structure.


The companion code is intended to help the reader derive and improve their own NDIS Intermediate driver for Windows platforms. Also, the lower edge of the intermediate driver protocol binds to the next lower driver which can be an NDIS miniport driver or another NDIS intermediate driver. Implementation of the user-mode code for opening and closing a PassThru adapter handle is straightforward. At this point it is worthwhile to crank up the NDIS Tester to insure that we haven’t screwed up to badly.


Email Required, but never shown. Here are the two items to be associated: RTP is one of the most common used protocols. If you only need to filter IP traffic then a filter that’s higher up the protocol stack e. Just when you thought we had exhausted the topic of opening and closing Win32 handles to the PassThru driver we find that there is another major issue passsthru consider.

At this point we can add code that open and intrrmediate a handle on the PassThru device symbolic link. The ADAPT structure contains essential information about each binding that as been successfully opened. Visit the AMD website at http: The only viable build psssthru for bit applications inrermediate actually the DDK build environment. RTP includes payload type identifiers, sequence number, end-of-frame markers, and timestamps to provide lost detection, synchronization, identification.

The baseline PassThru consists of these key files: Many of the fields are of integer or pointer size and must be handled as a special case in the bit driver colorized red. These prior articles as well as their companion source code can be found in the Windows Driver Developer’s Digest Archives.