Much of this is a repeat to other threads, until the graphic driver problem at the end In the bios i have set the promise chipset to operate in IDE mode. Here are the links again: Considering i installed win7 64bit to an old laptop that had this controller for the hard disks, which were ide Use the asus cd that came with the motherboard, worked for me.. You can find bit drivers at www. Did you properly install the Promise drivers?

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I’m not sure what kind of drivers Setup wants.

I found this, maybe it will be of help: Juxt windows 7 64 2 posts. But I asked you which is which to double check if they were correctly installed: So to put it plainly what you ask there I simply don’t know. If I unplug it from the array while computer is ON, then I can’t plug it back unless I reboot and have my drive already connected.

Wooo I made fsattrak Thanks Terry “Mad” wrote: When booting XP, it does recognise drives and I can access them correctly. I’ll try the asus site in case they have corectly signed x64 drivers. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Originally Posted by mobdick.


FastTrak 376/378 Drivers

It could certainly have been improved within next Bios versions but they didn’t release any new version since this is an old MB. There is an error code Your problem is solved, simply install these drivers.

So when I try to update to the newer drivers taken from the promise site as I read the asus one had a small problemdriver install fails because the driver is not trusted.

This site uses cookies. Hello Wonkanoby, It has been a while since last post, but I would like to solve this issue while christmas season is on its way.

Thats how I got them to work. None of the 32 bit driver links work. So we have 2 issues here: Use the asus cd that came with the board.

FastTrak / Drivers | Vista Forums

I don’t know if they will install properly by the method you describe via a slipstreamed disc fastttak that. With the Promise controller you still need to set as a single drive ‘array’, each drive need to be set as such. Thank you Wonkanoby, I know some months have passed fawttrak your answer, but I didn’t succeed at first and decided to give it another try when rebuilding my system.


Your help will be greatly appreciated MSI gurus, Thank you.

Use the asus cd that came with the motherboard, worked for me. I also have an Ubuntu partition.

Fasttrak / Windows 7 driver (help) – Page 2 – Windows 7 Help Forums

Does anybody can help on this or shall we conclude there might be a Bios conception mistake and running “As S-ATA” is not possible???

However, if you can 3376/378 Vista installed at all say If you think it can be solved, what is the solution? Sorry for my English: You do need to do it for the Promise controller as we’ve been telling you.

I’m sure it’s not PSU-related. However, if you can get Vista installed 3763/78 all say Thx for your answer still. Abiogenesis 7 x64 2 posts.