Download registry file zipped, bytes My license server does not start on Windows 7. My license server does not start on Windows 7. Do I have to worry about how these versions work together? You may receive one of the following error messages: My license key has a date 1-jan There are two items, however, which can send considerably more data and should be avoided or used sparingly: Some GUI applications will present pop-ups to the user periodically letting them know the server is down and needs to be re-started.

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Some will simply continue periodically attempting to re-checkout the license when the server comes back up.


In these situations, the vendor will have to relink, or recompile with v5 FLEXlm. It’s perfectly OK to have any number of separate license files, with different lmgrd server processes supporting each file. We recommend you view this 5 minutes video that shows a flexlm installation on Windows: Yes, unless the client’s whole system crashes.

What happens when the server dies is then up to the application. Finally, hostnames must NOT have periods in the name. Moreover, since lmgrd is a lightweight process, for sites without system administrators, this is often the simplest and therefore recommended way to proceed.


Yes, although this behavior was improved in v3.

The date 1-jan in a license key indicates that it is a “non-expiring” license, so it will continue working in the year and beyond.

You may receive windoww of the following error messages:. Does FLEXlm licensing impose a heavy load on the network?

This detection of unplugging the network cable can be deactivated, flelxm running the following registry file:. There are two items, however, which can send considerably more data and should be avoided or used sparingly:. Does FLEXlm require root permissions? I have products from several companies at various FLEXlm version levels. I’ve received a new copy of a product from a vendor, and it uses windoss new version of FLEXlm.

This requirement goes away in version 3.

If communications are UDP, then the license is freed after the UDP timeout, which is set by each vendor, but defaults to 45 minutes. The license file information is sent via the network, and can place a heavy load. It is not prudent to run any command, particularly a daemon, as root on Unix, as it may pose a security risk to the Operating System. System Error Error: Will the Server run on Windows 95?


Special software to emulate NT services is available from your software vendor. Yes, lmgrd runs in its own window. What happens when the license server dies? Assuming this is not the case, then use ‘telnet host port’ – if it says “can’t connect”, it’s a free port.


In fact, it is strongly recommended that you windods not run the license server lmgrd as root, since root processes can introduce security risks. Assuming communications is TCP, the license is automatically freed immediately. My license key has a date 1-jan Where can I download the flexlm license server for Artwork products? One of our customers installed flexlm lmgrd and the artwork.

On Windows 7, the license server does not start when configured to run as a service. Note that this telnet command will always succeed on hosts in other domains assuming everything is configured correctlysince the network will resolve speedy.

You don’t have to combine license files.