If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET’s Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. The screens displayed on the handset itself may appear somewhat differently. Since these malfunctions are not under warranty, even when repair is possible, it will be done at the user’s expense. Do not use them in places with high humidity such as a bath or where rain may get it wet. Also, you can automatically capitalize the leading alphabetic character or insert a space after confirming entered characters. No dejes escapar esta oportunidad; ofrece una oferta de nuevo.

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From the Tabs on the Cover Cover Major content areas are listed on the tabs listed on the cover.

Also, you can press the Soft Key corresponding to i-Channel to show the Channel list and easily access more useful, detailed information. Always hold the adapter charger firmly when pulling it out of the roma or cigarette lighter socket. Condensation may form due to rapid changes in temperature, and this may corrode internal parts and cause malfunction.

Remove the power plug from the outlet or the cigarette lighter socket 3.

Motorola Foma MiG Specifications |

If this occurs, take the following measures: Thank fomq for looking! Set message to Recorded data. If you are not planning to use the AC adapter for a long period of time, unplug it from the outlet.


I ships Russian Post registered air mail. The car battery could be depleted. Denotes to unplug from the outlet. Set Response image to English.

Also, you can automatically capitalize the leading alphabetic character or insert a space after foka entered characters. From the Contents P6 Search the Contents for the category of function that you need. Intellectual Property Issues Copyrights and Portrait Rights You have no right to copy, modify, or distribute the contents such as text, images, music, or software downloaded from web sites on m702iy Internet, or images captured by the cameras of this product without permission from the copyright except for when the copy or quote is for personal use that is allowed by the Copyright Law.

To take the following actions when you cannot answer calls To place an incoming call on hold Up to received mail and up to sent mail can be saved on the handset. Illustrations and symbols are used in the explanations to help you understand how to use the FOMA handset correctly. WARNING If you notice any strange smells, overheating, discoloration or warping of the handset, immediately take the following actions: If you rub the Display roughly with a dry cloth, it may be scratched.


Motorola Foma M702iG Manuals

Para piezas o no funciona. When plugging the adapter charger into an outlet, plug it in firmly, being careful not to let it contact with metal lanyards or foja like. Payments I accept Paypal only.

Consulta foja anuncio del vendedor para los detalles completos. Screen Shows displayed screens during or after operations. This service also enables you to send and receive mail messages with ease.

If children use the FOMA handset or accessories, a guardian should explain the safety instructions and correct operations.

Hereafter, these are called Other Radio Stations. Keep the battery pack in its original plastic bag. You can continue to use it even if it becomes voma.

Be careful not to let electrically conductive materials metal pieces, pencil leads etc. In particular, if there is an intervening wall or floor of reinforced concrete between Bluetooth devices, they may be unable to connect with each other. Voicemail To change a ringtone melody or lighting patterns To adjust ringtone volume Keep water, foreign objects such as electrical conductors, volatile liquids, etc.