As we discovered it does not work as described. We actually need it to be placed beyong glass as thick as 2 mm or even 4 mm. However, for this case threshold is too close to sensor noise margin. December 10, , In the other way a resistive touchscreen has 4 wires. In some cases the interrupt pin is also used as input to read additional data from the cpu during reset. Ok, we will try to issue a reset to wake signal.

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For example, if we write in u-boot i2c tool: One driver was good enough to work with touch screen.

Capacitive touch problems under linux (FT5x06)

Started by hbcelebi Board TFTs. For older chips there are various driver sources targeting older kernel versions linux Now we see that and have different delays, possibly because they have different clock frequencies, ‘ being higher that one of Started by jmasamoto Board TFTs.

Driver for most of the Goodix 9xx chips see below is available in mainline. Also in some cases the I2C address is set by this rest procedure for instance, GT There can be problems with produced configuration so it’s good to test and see what’s actually happening.


You may be correct, since the WAKE signal operates as you have described. This tutorial based on Debian 9. Now I tested it with another host which can wait for 1 ms between writing register address and issuing next start condition.

CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06: EDT FocalTech FT5x06 I2C Touchscreen support

To be sure that your SD card has enough space for it, please remember to resize it before installing xfce4 package – more information: Views Read View source View history. Retrieved from ” http: Is there any guide how to set up touch controller settings to force it to work? If you get lucky, you might find firmware supporting your device from this repository. This configuration is sent during or right after the reset procedure of the touchscreen and is usually written to the controller memory in some cases selectable persistent in eeprom.

Above description also defines two optional properties for Touchscreens:. The rresults are the same. RFC patch that needs to be adapted to work alongside gt9xx chips.

Touchscreen –

As you understand this code is either linhx or u-boot based on the same linux i2c bus framework that has been testing for many years.

Usually any touchscreen has a startup procedure during which resets are sent to the touchscreen by the cpu to indicate this procedure.


I looked through FT chip datasheet and there is no information of this issue. This page was last modified on 5 Septemberat You can find more information on building and customizing Device Tree in How to customize Debian 9. Testing was done on an A20 platform and gave exceptionally good results.

This page collects all the information about the various touch screen controllers in use on sunxi hardware. Actually, we did it manually by wire sporadic pulse, not equal ms but this didn’t help.

The I2C protocol between the two displays should be the same. I think you should also test this and add this information into display datasheet. How to prepare SD Card with Debian 9.

To say trouth, the marking on PCB is as follows: But then u-boot starts and places GPIO pins in a known state. Below is a link to the FT5x06 application note, which shows these registers: Most of them failed due to firmware version mismatch.

We didn’t see any artefacts on signal timings.