Bottom Margin This menu option is used to setup the bottom margin. Press the Select pushbutton to access the settings for FXe. Flash Software Procedures This appendix contains upgrade software procedures. Load the paper onto the lower tractors. The current setting is displayed in the lower right corner of the LCD. Place the paper on the pins of the upper right tractor, making sure that the paper is straight horizontally, and close the tractor door.

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Follow the cautions and notices labeled on seriess printer or marked with icons in the manual. When enabled, the printer will override any host-set command, which attempts to change the MPL maximum print lines value to anything other than the operator-set value.

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Pressing the i pushbutton moves paper down incrementally. The higher the number the larger the print gap. Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the AutoWrap options. Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the emulation options. Do not drop small objects, such as paper clips, into the printer. The paper out sensor has grnicom the end of the last form of the paper supply and printing continued to the end of the current form.

The switch has two positions, 1 15V and V.


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The printer checks for an odd number of “ones” and flags a parity error if there is an odd number of “ones” constituting the data bits including the parity bit. A Start Eject setting configures the printer to advance to the tear off position after the Time Setting has elapsed from anywhere on the paper Timeout Only or after the Time Setting has elapsed only if at the top of form position.

Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord immediately if an abnormal condition occurs: If necessary, see Setting Top of Form. Later, when printer power is on, feed these doubled forms out of the printer before adjusting the print gap. Size Parameters Printet Rotation This state is also referred to as Local.

The printer checks the parity bit of one and flags a parity error if it is a logical zero. Dry the surfaces with a clean dry cloth. If necessary, see Figure 3. Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the LPI settings. When the locking lever is moved to the RUN position, the drive gears move together to grip the fabric. Use the following procedures to access the DP Long option: Escape Sequence Syntax It is positioned at the outside edge of the rear paper cabinet to assist in the vertical stacking of the paper.


EngineOff Delay This menu is used to set the power-off delay for the shuttle motor.

Press the Select pushbutton to either enable or disable an option. Reset serial interface data rate. Once the paper runs out of the lower tractors in this mode, poor print quality and jams could occur.

Genicom Line Matrix 5100 – printer – monochrome – line-matrix Series

When enabled, the barcode printing is faster at a genicoj print quality. Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the show options. The control panel beeper sounds momentarily when: This specifies the decimal value 0 to 25 of the character to be ignored within the datastream.

This option of enabled sets the printer to ignore all characters with hexadecimal values less than 20H. Commas And Spaces As Delimiters Since paper is needed in the tractors above the print wires, that form s can not be printed. Also located on the ribbon deck prinfer the print module access panel. See the Set Up Menu Map for available selections.