I have opened a new bug about the mic problems on alsa bug tracker: Double-click the new icon on the desktop labeled R If someone wants to check to see if the “official” Realtek driver works it can be downloaded from:. But if I change the volume with headphone the external speak is unmuted and I have unplugged and plugged the headphones to work correctly again. This bug affects 2 people. Microphone also doesn’t work in Skype on Linux.

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My sound are working in external speaks, when I put some headphone the external are muted and work so fine Thanks to Chris Cheney, Brian Mount and venky If someone wants to check to see alv268 the “official” Realtek driver works it can be downloaded from:.

But if I reboot on my kernel 2.

I have tried the patch Ubuntu 7. Internet Explorer 11 Sound works out of the box now. Since I have external speakers plugged in whenever I am home, and have earpieces plugged in when I am not, this is a real problem. No such file or directory ALSA lib conf.


I’ve been trying to solve this problem for over two weeks. ALSA library configuration file managed by asoundconf 1. I added a document here Installing Ubuntu 7.

Realtek driver for ALC268 and Windows 7 32bit

Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on A patch is in progress to make the internal mic work. Vikram Dhillon dhillon-v10 wrote on Software Free Download Soft Thanks for taking the time to report this bug and ac268 to make Ubuntu better. I do not see this problem on my Acer TravelMate Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara on Thank you in advance.

It is helpful to the development teams if bug reports target one specific issue against a specific set of hardware. The information about this bug in Launchpad he automatically pulled daily from the remote bug.

Has realtek alc chip. Ben, So I couldn’t find the fix in your git repo but crimsun told me where it is upstream By the way, the referenced bug: This information was last pulled 10 hours ago.


Hi All, Just doing some clean up to this report. These strange snapping sounds are also not related to how or what I say when I’m recording, the snapping sounds that’s actually being recorded into the audio file are regular in pace and volume.

Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3. This patch doesn’t seem to fix problems for everyone yet. This patch is from 2.

I have the same laptop, Toshiba Satellite AS However the mic still does not work in Hardy.

Download Dell Vostro Notebook Realtek ALC HD Audio Driver A00 .

Or am I mistaken? Nothing works reboots or anything, I have tried those with feisty Thanks, Venky. I’m running Gutsy qlc268 bits with backports, but yet my sound doesn’t working. Amit Kucheria amitk wrote on