You can turn the timestamp off and no, switch between NTSC and PAL video output, adjust the motion-detect recording settings and a bit of other stuff. Then when trying to turn it on again nothing happens and no led’s are showing anything. Don’t have an account? This place my parents backyard is not suited for flying Or training to fly Piaget. I have to say that I was a bit worried after reading some comments about this camera but this far I can’t say that I agree with those comments. The camera starts in manual video mode – blue led Manual photo – push once after the camera is initialized, red led Motion detection video mode – push twice after the camera is initialized, blue and yellow led Motion detection photo mode – push three times after the camera is initialized, red and yellow led TV mode – this mode is initialized when the AV cable is connected and used for setup, red and blue led Move selection up in the setup menu in TV mode Button 2:

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Or do you just dig my vids. Add to my manuals Add.

I even got the time set! JettaManDanJul 14, I would say that the on board camera is handling situations mostly good and that there are a few exceptions where you would have been glad if it had done something else. Transcend P8 in-1 USB 2.


HD Wing 1280x720p Caméra 30fps 5MP CMOS

Do you wanna axe me a question before you buy one? After the two crashes the camera still looks and works like new. Plug the included USB cable into the camera and your computer and a red led will show next to the USB connector on the camera. This camera is much more configurable than the keychain units. I just got my keychain cam replaced and I found an RCG post that laid it out pretty easily.

The camera wibg have a video resolution of x with 30fps and a photo resolution of x about 5MP. OMG the world just ended Wow, I’m impressed with the durability of these cam’s. It does skip over still photography, audio only, etc.

Any opinions on this?

HD Wing Camera xp 30fps 5MP CMOS – Kamami

Look at the led lights to know which mode you are in. I just took a look at the buyer ratings of this produkt at HK.

Press and hold to reset the camera completely. For more information on speed classes etc. Flying towards the sun is not handled eing but I think this is a situation that many cameras have a problem with.

Hobby King’s HD Wing cam problems – RCU Forums

They’re not perfect but far hobbykint suited to the job. My guess is there was something wrong “inside” the other cam that didn’t work right. I’m also a little concerned about the reliability of the firmware in this camera since, on two occasions already, I’ve had to perform a reset because the device simply stopped working.


Flying towards the sun is not handled good but I think this is a situation that many cameras have a problem with. To start with I can’t say that the user interface on the camera is less than intuitive.

In fact I designed and built my first RC set back in Page of 1 Go. I’m also a qualified electronics engineer who has worked in radio frequency, analog, digital systems and software for more than three decades. DutchRCJul 14, Did you filter the video or is the camera adjusting to the camdra conditions? Documentation and ease of use The camera is controlled by three tactile press-button switches soldered canera to the circuit board.

HD Wing Camera II – Full HD 1920x1080P 30FPS

Try to push and hold the reset button for a few seconds. Motion detection video mode: So the bigger memory card the better. Press button 1 and wait until the camera is initialized blue led and vibration.