This value has a configurable range of 0. Page 89 of configured and viewed on the Configuration screen. Options include the setting of the pot zero, and the pot factor, as well as the skew adjustment and stow limit functionality, the polarization offset, slow speed, and current limits for fast and slow speeds. The satellite numbers SS0, SS2, etc Page 68 This field allows the user to place a fixed offset for the target polarization angle.

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This parameter has a configurable rang of Page 67 of 7. It represents the value used while searching on an incline surface on elevation angle. ERR Contains information pertaining to the error code if an error occurs.

Compass Direction And System Ref.

INetVu Controller Manual

Cc1 Series Controller to validate signal. Enabling the Ref Sat Option and entering the parameters for the Beacon would allow the reference search to work on the Beacon Frequency. Page 2 of This page is intentionally left blank. If there happens to be a requirement for a polarization offset, the user may manually enter this value at in this area.


This branch menu displays the error code if an error occurs. Compass Heading Orientation of the Mobile Platform. This value is set by default for optimum performance.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. ACQ Attenuation dB The Series controller software interfaces give the user flexibility to set the power level of the signal when searching using the beacon receiver.

iNetVu Software Version 7.5.13 Released for the 7000 Series Controllers!

Page 83 of Satellite Parameters Fig. Page of 9.

Cheikhali Appended Procedure 1. The screenshot depicts this configuration. This should only be enabled in the event that the GPS Antenna is malfunctioning and the user has a reliable, alternate source for coordinates.

A value obtained from the Satellite Modem when locked onto a signal. No PC or monitor required!

Select connections that are best suited for your application. In order to access the Web Interface, place your PC on the same network as the Controller, and simply type in the IP address of the Controller into your web browser. Date Edited By 1. Currently the commands supported are for iDirect service: Page 87 ccontroller Modem Parameters Fig.


Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. In the new Generation systems, the potentiometer is replaced with an Encoder. Background will turn grey when transmitter is disabled and green when the transmitter is enabled. After this is complete, instvu back to the Maintenance Screen. Performs a complete Azimuth Calibration.

VSAT Antenna Controller / | Auto Deploy Antennas :: C-COM Satellite Systems

Page of ii. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC rules. See appendix 3 for details. Jan 27 that 7: Beacon Receiver is not used, this field can be ignored.