Honestly, if I had to pick one or the other I’d take the Thunderbird. With that being said, my bag is set up with three star Teebirds and two Thunderbirds, one champ and one star. Teebird experiment a few rounds and see if I really notice anything that really differentiates them. Above ground Years Playing: Find all posts by Keller. I can hit the same exact lines with the Thunderbird that I can with either of those discs.

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I think for the time being I’m going to try both the Teebird and Thunderbird in the bag.

Flex shots also seem to be easier to throw with champ Teebirds as champ Thunderbirds hold the line better and come chamipon softer. Most holes at the courses I play at are more Thunderbird range anyway. IMO its Innova’s best speed 9 offering. Anywhere, TX Courses Played: Service Center How to choose right Disc? I’ll see if one or the other really starts pulling away and becoming my favorite.

I generally use the Thunderbird and Teebird champion, I don’t bother with cheaper plastic for backhand drives anywhere from ‘ to ‘. Nov Courses Played: Honestly, if I had to pick one or the other I’d take the Thunderbird.


Champ Thunderbirds are something special, really the best combination of a mold and plastic. Create account Club orders International. If I played just open courses then I would not need both and would just pair the Thunderbird with a beat Teebird.

Find all posts by Sydex. I was leaning on it pretty hard and it was going a straight ‘ without much side to side movement. The TeeBird is one of our most accurate and reliable fairway drivers.

I like that I can crank on it hard without worrying about it flipping or drifting right. In the end it comes down to what you do with the two molds.

Innova Champion Teebird Dyed

I also prefer the Teebird for hard FH shots that need to go straight and not really end much, whereas the Thunderbird will drift right at the end like a Teebird would on a BH shot I had the beefy Teebird out of the bag for months, but added it back in and it innovw taken certain ijnova back for me. I’m a fan of wide rimmed fast drivers.

I dig the Thunderbird a lot. Thunderbirds are too shallow for me, while I like the flight, I just couldn’t gain any consistency.


Avery Jenkins Star TeeBird | Innovastore | Disc Golf Online Store

I figure I can pull off anything from ” with them. I’d rather throw a Teebird fairly hard ‘ than try to back way off a Boss or Nuke and get the same distance.

The Thunderbird wasn’t really flexing today. Send a private message to btimm.

Teebird experiment a few teeburd and see if I really notice anything that really differentiates them. Send a private message to Sydex. Find all posts by btimm. Show less Read more. Since I throw both BH and FH the Thunderbird is very useful for long sweeping hyzers, whereas the champ Teebird is more of a power straight shot that won’t drift.

Send a private message to Twmccoy. Lighter weights are great for those less experienced with stable drivers. PD, Thunderbird, Teebird or I bad both, but I bag a star teebird and a pro thunderbird. The Thunderbird goes far for a straight driver.