It wasn’t horrible, but nothing special. I refilled it with methane The compressed audio in that video dose not have the ability to reveal anything relevant to the question about comb filtering. Page 3 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Beryllium is also expensive because it is a very complicated and toxic material to work with.

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Beryllium is also expensive because it is a very complicated and toxic material to work with. This would be mounted to a LeCleac’h horn I would make to cover the midrange.

This system is known as one of the harshest rigs out jbk. It was similar with the other crossover points.

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Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. I recall the Be I examined did not have ferrofluid. You just let out all the Argon gas from that back can!

The best answer would be to get the deeper back caps Originally Posted by allen You would not hear it in that video becuase the camera dose not move around the room. With more nbl the frequency spectrum coming from a single point, the quality of sound is more focused and less smeared. The label is rubbed off there. I want to offer a few options in the high end system designs i create.


Thank you very much Cooky! Visit duron tarik’s homepage!

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Many manufacturers, including JBL, make excellent drivers without that prohibitive cost penalty. In the vertical polar map, there’s obviously a narrowing of the beam around the Hz crossover and a lobing effect around kHz due to the vertical separation between the midrange and tweeter.

And here part way through sanding: The D2 is much better. Page 3 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: The early reflections are fairly smooth and lower in level except for around the midbass to horn crossover at Hz. That is if they are discontinued.

Rather than a measure of loudspeaker efficiency, it is a measure of the amount of gain I have in the system. Ferrofluid has some of the same 24435 at dampening the moving mass, albeit at the slight expense of sensitivity Impartial evaluation is an absolute requirement. Last edited by soundmanshorty: So I replace it by a H and it was a lot better.


JBL Professional HPL Compression Driver Beryllium Diaphragm Neo Magnet | eBay

This is taken in an anechoic environment without the subwoofer. It also gives a voltage input for each bandpass so this gives relative gain??? The result is the Be, a 3-inch 76mm compression driver of pure cast-beryllium, capable of unequalled high-frequency response. Not to mention the truex is a little cheaper than the phragm, last I looked.

JBL D8R2435 2435HPL Beryllium Diaphragm

All times are GMT What do you guys think? Just puttin’ a big hole in the rear was mentioned earlier as an option. What is the jbo supposed to show? Originally Posted by jerv. Diaphragms do interchange and appear identical in every regard excepting that: