It may even crash your operating system or corrupt your HDD. Protection if the Card Failed. Why does it require a PCI hardware card? Number of Specified Data Disk. Software only solutions that run inside the Windows can easily be hacked and tampered.

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Our team consists of management, marketing and experienced technical engineers. The screen will display a string of characters set. Create Partition during Installation. Yes Set to Private. Instantly under 1 second.

It is currently being sold in over 37 countries worldwide. Protection if the Card Failed. Preset Format Data Partition. Number of Boot Partitions. The main focus of the company are marketing and support on security and data recovery products. Yes OS will remain when installed by Express Mode.

Juzt-Reboot Instant Recovery PCIe(NET) Cards

Provide a new generation of recovery solutions for PC maintenance. Switching Backup Mode Selection. What are the differences compare with other software only solutions that run inside the Windows? Lock Boot up Partition. My computer came pre-installed with Windows operating system.


Juzt-reboot Instant Recovery Pcie(net) Cards – Buy Pci Recovery Card Product on

Additional Data Partition Protection. How to solve this problem? Yes Smart detection of the backup zone. Block other Boot Media. In the market, there are other software only feboot that run inside the Windows. It is entirely “Plug and Play”. Please also send along proof of ownership of your purchase.

Juzt-Reboot Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Why software only solutions that run inside the Windows cannot offer protection “outside the operating system”? China wan card China can card China one card.

In these places, the computers are always being accessed by many different users all the time. If the operating system is not running, then the “software only solution” cannot operate. What is ” User Mode “? Yes, “Backup Recovery Mode” will support the non-windows operating system.

No, you do not need to. This does not provide real protection outside the operating system. Not exactly what you want?


Keep Previous System Configuration. Why does it require a PCI jhzt card? To reduce the job loads or unnecessary tracking tasks, you can change your Windows application to save data files in another partition or Drive D: It may even crash your operating system or corrupt your HDD.