As known by Kharma, every customer can have a taste of its own. Options A Kharma product must not only have an unbelievable refined sound, which meets the needs of a true music lover, but also must have an astonishing finish to compete with the musicality of the system. Librarian Administrator Sign In. At Kharma we know each individual has it’s own style and preferences. With Kharma speakers several times being awarded as the best in the world, we have used the same know-how from our top line models in the creation of a composite cone driven midrange unit for the satellites. Read more about the Privileges program in the whitepaper of this product, which can be found in the infotainment section.

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I should have covered this speaker at its Munich High End debut but, mea culpa, I somehow missed it. Recording of June Vivienne van Oosterum, the company’s marketing manager very graciously agreed.

Therefore Kharma developed two programs to be able to fulfil all levels of customization. Librarian Administrator Sign In.

Sound & Colors | Elegance S7

Reviews There are no reviews yet. This is heavily ratified by our name Kharma, which in short means that each action has its consequence. Elegance dB7 Learn more. Optionary Program The Kharma Optionary Program gives the freedom to tune the system both visual, to personalize the look of your speaker, as well as technical, to further refine the astonishing sound of your speaker.



Neither stibnite nor antimony sulfosalts, both of which are major stage II minerals in addition to quartz, is host to appreciable gold concentrations max 0. Enigma Veyron Audio Rack. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. Grand Enigma Reference System.

So, overall they may be pricey but to many their potential sonic benefits and extraordinary build quality will be money well spent. With a high-gloss painted finish, the aluminum enclosure realizes a perfect match with amongst others the in-house developed composite cone used for the midrange section. No mp3 allowed please, give full credit to these wonders.

Designed for those who demand a compact system alongside uncompromising performance

Meaning the audio quality of the complete system is being guaranteed by the technology hidden in the subwoofer. The composite gold-antimony vein deposit at Kharma Bolivia H. Log in or register to post comments.

N — Goldschmidt Abstracts Mineralogical Magazine. We have challenged nature to be able to create a Satellite speaker that sounds refined, but accepts a modest sized cabinet.


Elegance S7

This site uses cookies. Primary Stock Program This program has been targeted as to create the shortest possible delivery time for the official Kharma products. The shape of the cabinet is composire unchanged with respect to its predecessor, the Ceramique series. Precambrian Mississippi Valley—type deposits: In this way we can deliver both the high refined sound as the astonishing finish that can be expected from Kharma.

Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier.

The combination of a Ribbon tweeter and a 3-inch Kharma Composite driver makes the Butterfly Satellite a powerful but refined speaker. Getting just the right sheen on the string without excessive edge and brightness is always a tough challenge. One of the many redesigned parts of the Elegance is the grill of the dB9.

Exquisite Mini Learn more. Floorstand, Deskstand, Wallmount or Ceilingmount.

Exquisite Midi Sub | KHARMA

Exquisite Midi Learn more. Therefore Kharma is still fine tuning the definite version of this subwoofer. Kharma Mobile System Integration.