It might be mentioned there. You need this unless you want to use only with a camera or external tuner You can have a look at the board to see which of the gpio pins are connected at all and then start trial-and-error A small percentage of core logic devices may start a bus transaction during the same cycle that GNT is de-asserted. Author of this section: November 27th, 7.

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CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848: BT848 Video For Linux

The Lifeview website mentioned Flyvideo III at some time, but such a card has not yet been seen perhaps it was bttvv german name for LR90 [stereo]. Author of this section: IRQ sharing is known to cause problems in some cases. What you have to do is figure out the correct values for gpiomask and the audiomux array. Reduce the color depth, with 16 bpp instead of 32 bpp should work much better.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Nttv something broke after an update, have a look at the changelog. It follows the standard installation of the bttv driver for DVB as it is included in new kernels.


It’s no problem to do trial-and-error here. In this case, don’t expect multiple input devices.

Linux Multimedia Hacks by Kyle Rankin

These pins are also used by some companies to drive remote control receiver chips. At a command promt type dmesgthe lines lijux are looking for look like. The pvrusb2 driver Some mainboard have problems to deal correctly with multiple devices doing DMA at the same time.

It also might be bad hardware.

bttv – LinuxTVWiki

Many of these cards also provide audio capabilities supported by the btaudio drivers. September 29th, 3.

It works just fine in theory and many configurations. This is desirable since the video will request the bus more often.

The cx18 brtv Making video work often is not a big deal, because this is handled completely by the bt8xx chip, which is common on all boards.

Bttv – MythTV Official Wiki

They can be used for input and output. This is what I’ve done Debian Sarge testing, kernel version 2.

The msp34xx chips are used by Hauppauge for example. This makes debugging very difficult for me.


In order to get sound please refer to the excellent instalation guide for Windows XP and hardware modification this second bit applies to linux too http: Hauppauge computer works Inc. It is the arbiters responsibility to allow pinux request to flow through to REQ and not allow the other request to hold REQ asserted.

This list tends to be outdated because it is updated manually Newer msp34xx versions support this. The time now is Chips used at bttv devices 7. Start writing a new one. The Zoran driver oinux This card is basically the same as all the rest BtA, Philips tunerthe main difference is that they have attached a programmable attenuator to 3 GPIO lines in order to give some volume control. Join Date Feb Beans 5.