We can assist with advanced technical issues, but most of our tech support staff does not use Macs, so basic support for Mac OS X is limited. The CPx driver is now distributed with 2. The device IDs can be obtained by running lsusb and appear as hex numbers in the format vendor: Of course, that’s a memory of a conversation from a few years ago – I’m not sure if things have changed that might allow us to integrate it now, or in the future. Do the two modinfo commands give any results?

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Then I could probably dig that back up and see the reasoning.

Print Email a friend Feeds. The installer should complete successfully.

CP210x Linux Driver

Cause if they do, then you already got the kernel modules that you need, without having to worry about compiling this download. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Whether or not these modules will allow a Wine program to access the device is unknown.


Since the flow control lines were not touched, the early version of the driver left them in the wrong state. Email Required, but cp21022 shown. Is it not there?

Your computer will detect the new hardware and open the Found New Hardware Wizard. Integrated Keyboard Bus Device Install the Serial Port Terminal. The last I heard of it and this may be a little hand-wavyis that the kernel.

The only thing necessary is to check whether the Ubuntu machine can communicate over USB with the attached Xilinx development board. I’ve updated my answer.

Do the two modinfo commands give any results? The Linux kernel can be downloaded in source form from https: Step-by-step help would be very, very much appreciated!!! Before you connect your Pololu CP device to a computer running Microsoft Windows, you should install its drivers: Communicate with Xilinx development boards via USB.

And then PWD my password, maybe? The first version of this driver to go into the Linux kernel entered the bitkeeper patches for 2. Click ‘Configuration’ and select ‘Port’, as shown in the figure below. Mac OS X compatibility: Amber I didn’t see a modinfo for cpx. Open the temporary directory and run the appropriate executable.


CPx Driver in the Linux Kernel

For some reason the manufacturers try to keep the protocol used for configuring this device secret. However access from Ubuntu is likely. Bus Device Other Pololu products that use the CP Replied Sep 159: I added the modinfo to the original question yesterday after I commented. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

I don’t want to ruin stuff by randomly typing code into the terminal so I’d appreciate some guidance!

I don’t know the details.