The earliest optical mice detected movement on pre-printed mousepad surfaces. Who can use these things? Let’s talk about these muthas. Retrieved 9 November A digital signal processor then analyzes these pictures and translates movement of the mouse into crisp movement of the cursor on your computer screen. Retrieved from ” https: The thumb buttons are addictive, and well, now the price doesn’t matter to me so much.

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OK, well, there is a reason – namely to irritate me. Inteolieye laser illumination enables superior surface tracking compared to LED-illuminated optical mice.

The development of the modern optical mouse at Hewlett-Packard Co.

I could take this paragraph and expand it into a few pages, but I won’t. Patent 4, Optical Translator Device. You can do all kinds of things with your extra buttons: Williams and Robert S.

The color of the optical mouse’s LEDs can vary, but red is most common, as red diodes are inexpensive and silicon photodetectors are very sensitive to red light. IntelliMouse is a series of computer mice from Microsoft.

Microsoft Classic Intellimouse | Microsoft Accessories

Microsoft antitrust case Microsoft Ireland case. You can use this thing on pretty much any desk, on any mousepad, and even on parts of your body.

Check inrellieye these helpful resources for product support:. Patent 4, Optical Mouse. And speaking of styling, why did MS have to make this thing so ugly? Whatchoo mean by diff’ernt, Bobby? The Mouse that Rolled”.


Smith, ijtellieye Barclay J. You can use it on your hand. Boy was I surprised then when I hooked this thing up and started using it. Optical models outperform mechanical mice on uneven, slick, soft, sticky, or loose surfaces, and generally in mobile situations lacking mouse pads.


The IntelliMouse series is credited with a number of innovations, [1] for example, Microsoft was among the first mouse vendors to introduce a scroll wheel[2] an optical mouseand dedicated auxiliary buttons microsoct the side of the mouse.

Modern optical mice work on most opaque diffusely reflective surfaces like paper, but most of them do not work properly on specularly reflective surfaces like polished stone or transparent surfaces like glass. Optical mice capture one thousand successive images or more per second.

Unlike mechanical mice, whose tracking mechanisms can become clogged with lint, optical mice midrosoft no moving parts besides buttons and scroll wheels ; therefore, they do not require maintenance other than removing debris that might collect under the light emitter. Computer mice Microsoft hardware Microsoft stubs Computer hardware stubs. It won’t work on reflective surfaces, and chances are that it won’t work on really shiny plastics especially partially translucent stuff either.


Infoseek, Santa Clara, CA”. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements. Place both photographs on a light table to make them transparent, and slide one across the other until their images line up.

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IntelliMouse – Wikipedia

So, if you mouse on something that’s not gonna reflect a significant amount of that LED remittance, you won’t get any response from the mouse. A typical implementation by Logitech has four power states, where the sensor is pulsed at different rates per second: The optical mouse ultimately sold with the Xerox STAR office computer used an inverted sensor chip packaging approach patented by Lisa M. The earliest optical mice detected movement on pre-printed mousepad surfaces.

The laser mouse uses an infrared laser diode instead microsoct an LED to illuminate the surface beneath their sensor.