Said he wasn’t happy with the mod so I offered to buy the TR-2 from him. May 12, 2. The switch will offer 3 gains. All 3 Mods will make the stock CS-3 sound great. The shriek highs and splaty gain of the stock BD-2 are completely removed. This is the ultimate SD-1 mod! Please check your Paypal address before you place an order with me.

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Monte Allums Mods – Individual Pedal Mods

May 12, 6. I also replace a few caps as some of the caps in these older pedals seem to leak and wander off tolerance over time. Please click on the following links to see which version you need to order.

Great tone Will, and a Great Song! Want smooth creamy overdrive. By increasing your voltage you will get increased headroom and more gain. We cannot be held responsible if you ruin your pedal.

He said the flange effect was barely noticeable.

I ain’t kidding folks, this is one awesome mod. Simon used the following gear to record “Phantom”. Which SD-1 Mod should I do?


I tried to do the Dynacomp mod at the same time. The two new opamps kill noise and add much needed clarity to the circuit. On the Big Muff the affect is just plain cool. I’ve tried the H2O mod or at least the one 6 years ago and it was okay. I thought the H2O was okay.

Boss BD2 Blues Stack Plus Monte Allums mod

I literally did them one at a time, and then tested it just to see what impact it had Along the way, I hit tonal Nirvana and all was Golden cheers, happy modding. Middle position allows it to be used as a boost.

The Blues Stack Plus delivers those tones to you and it does it with one of the warmest, most musical, natural sounding Overdrives you’ve ever heard. Once I finished the mod I literally did not want to put my guitar down. Just dial down the Dist and Boost knobs and adjust the EQ and volume to taste. ChonnyAug 31, The Dual Stack Opamps will give the circuit a tab bit more headroom, less noise and a more natural amp-like gain. When I first did the Chip Adapter mod I could not put the guitar down.


After Boss started using surface mount components. One side of the switch cuts the highs in the delay and cuts each repeat more and more giving the delay a very warm analog feel.

I was pleasantly surprised when I played through the modded DF But this Kit doesn’t stop there. Man, can this cat play! This mod makes for a very versatile SD Going outside of that concept will give unpredictable results.

Man, what great tone Sean, Awesome! Plus it changes components not in the signal path which turned me off. They were drawing so much current that it would monet a battery in 30 minutes. Bringing top money on eBay.