This peaked my interest. With this mod I just made it 2X better! The results are unbelievably good. Be advised that the “instructions” that come with the kits are pretty lame. She has a brilliant LED that just makes it gleam. If you are buying a mod for your NS-2 open your pedal up and make sure it looks like this. Proco is notorious for changing their circuits.

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But I am offering kits that replace all the Electrolytic caps for those that have not purchased my kits. Yeah once you solder in the adapter for the op amp socket, it’s easy to take in and out and swap chips if that’s your thing.

High quality easy to follow PDF instructions are included with the mod and are sent to you via e-mail mobte payment is made. It has a ton of potential for sure.

On the Big Muff the affect is just plain cool. With this mod I have done two things. I kept his DS1, but ditched his TS9. I wanted to increase the gain and also increase the variation in the different modes. Vintage Version New Rev.


This is the ultimate SD-1 mod! That even looks like tone! Do you already have an account? In fact, this has become one of my personal favorites.

Monte Allums BD H20 Mod

Thank You Tim for taking the time to make this mp3! Mixing and matching the Boost and Dist Knobs will give you a ton of brutally thick and massive distortion. Also click here for a mp3 that Jeff made of before and after he performed the mod. Well, now you can with this adapter and an 8 Pin Chip Socket.

In this mp3 Tim compares all three modes of the Roxx to the stock DS Due to the harmonics and lack of midhump, this pedal does sound more transparent than a TS.

BD2: the Blues driver H20 Mod | LesPaul Player/Doc

Leed guitar is a Ibanez JS This switch toggles between a pair of 1N Diodes, a pair of Diodes and the middle position which lifts the diodes from the circuit giving a huge volume boost and enhanced crunch. It still sounded just a little bit to fake to me.

One will blink at the Rate the Chorus effect is set to by the Rate knob and the other will show when the effect is engaged. So essentially you could use this as a boost type gain pedal.


You might consider letting Keith do the work if you go that route. This is a solo players dream mod! Analogman vs Keeley Blurs Update: I will work on them when I get a chance.

Notes and chords now explode off the neck of the guitar. I think you’ll find, after doing the mod, that this is one of the best analog choruses available. The name alone conjures up images of a pedal that takes no prisoners. He replaces many of the cheap components, but also adds an opamp that acts as a great tone buffer and keeps the hiss of the pedal quiet. I also used our new CS-3 Opto Compressor on this mp3. In all honesty I’ve had this pedal for a few years and have attempted to finalize a mod for it during that time.

Not a raspy tone in this mod.