Track all your stuff! Any questions just ask. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Windows Media Player, may be disliked by some, but we think this is one of the T10 saving graces as chances are, you already know how to use the software. The buttons on the front are used to navigate within the menus of the T10 as well as to adjust the volume.

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Which Amazon Kindle is best for you? The four-line, 1-inch LCD is small, but the 65,color screen–especially on the bright and color-coded main menu screens–makes navigation easy on the eyes and t110.

iRiver T10 review: iRiver T10 – CNET

We got ours from Geeks. The blue color indicates that this is the 1GB model in the T10 series. As you’ll read, the feature-laden iRiver T10 sounds good and has rocking battery life, but it suffers from some design issues.

You have your choice of three MP3 quality levels with voice via the built-in mic or FM programming recordings. The best BBQ tech and gadgets The iRiver T10 is very Hummer-like: Tinkerers will love the iRiver T10 in this respect.

Got one to sell? Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s In this article we will be looking at the T10 MP3 player from Iriver.


Item Location see all. The T10 is widely available and the street price varies greatly from one vendor to the next. Storage Capacity see all.

Conclusion If you have not figured it out yet, the T10 is a very good MP3 player. A fair stab, so to speak, but nothing to write home about.

Don’t show this again. Necklace design, adjustable length, strap is removable. However, because of its rounded backside which accommodates a AA batterythe iRiver T10 will not sit stationary on your desk–it wobbles.

The T10 is the larger in shape and design 3.

iriver T10 MP3 player

What it does have is a rather large clip on the end to attach to your belt or bag. A higher capacity would be great, but for what it is, the T10 is a good pick. Buttons on the side and front allow easy access to the contents and everything is displayed on the rather tiny 1 inch 65K colour screen and the player supports the usual array of searching via artist, albums and genre. Transfer t0 over USB 2. The battery situation is going to be hit or miss for users- some will appreciate the fact that no charging is needed and others will be put off by the expense of all those batteries.

Battery door is stubborn – I’ve had to used a pin to coax it open.


It gets a lot of life from an AA and throw a battery or two in your backpack you will be ready for some serious traveling. It requires some experimentation or a read of the manual to find all the features, and it usually t110 a short tap of a button here and a long hold of another button there to discover everything.

What Hi-Fi?

Custom Bundle see all. Compared with other MP3 players on the market, the T10 comes across considerably chunky and it looks like no effort has been made to reduce this unit in size. Comes with quick start guide. The outdoorsy design, which integrates a handy carabinerlike belt clip, a full-circular-motion hold switch, and an armband, will appeal to many users.

Another important aspect of the MP3 player is its interaction with your computer. It features a rugged build which would make it the right choice for any sort of activity as well as commuting or travelling. It was not designed to revolutionize the portable music market or put Apple out of business, but rather to be an easy-to-use, rugged player which can hold up to everyday use.