The green indicates which network performed better in each test result. Finally found someone who know what I was tlaking about but advised that because I can get standard dsl 2mb I cannot avail of the 4g mobile broadband promotion. Eir recently reduced the expiry of its 50GB data bundle from days down to just 30 days, even for existing customers. Must take a look at my antenna after your comment on positioning. I have actually no idea what FMS is either.

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Update 9th April When the router is switched off for roughly 5 minutes, the SIM will work again.

Meteor Broadband Offer

What I suspect is they want a dedicated mains operated router instead of a portable device, i. Their Vodafone B appears to be a rebadged Huawei B desktop router.

Since posting a few previous articles on mobile broadband, a few movem contacted me for an update on how the providers compare. For example, if you are midway between two 4G masts operating on the same frequency, the signal from one will interfere with the other.

If you accidentally split the SIM apart, these pieces snap together again. With their mediocre data bundles on both prepay and contract mobile phone plans and the most expensive mobile broadband plans, it is no surprise that people are showing off impressive 4G speed tests due to their lighter network load. I visited a couple who were able to avail of the Eir 4G mobile broadband.

If you go for it, order it from their website and make sure to test it extensively during the first two weeks before the cooling-off period expires. You should not use the credit limit for budgeting as the amount you owe is not capped or limited by any credit limit we set. My excess usage would usually be 10gb. It is basically a mobile broadband router built-in to the car.


Huawei E Modem locked to Meteor? –

Thanks Sarah, very useful to know! Electric dehumidifier running costs vs moisture absorber and silica gel. The speed test on the right was Monday evening about 8: Should this happen, restart the router and it will usually pick up a public IP address again.

It also maintains a speed test history. For example, various speed tests such as Ookla, Fast. Eir recently reduced the expiry mtfor its 50GB data bundle from days down to just 30 days, even for existing customers.

Once the existing day bundle runs out, the largest bundles available expire after 30 days. I still have yet to hear anyone complain about their customer service. Three applies extensive traffic prioritisation and throttling to its AYCE service during peak time periods.

Meteor Usb Modem For Sale in Dublin 2, Dublin from peibol

Customers on those plans can upgrade to the GB plan within the last three months of their contract. Prepay broadband customers that have a SIM card with the former Meteor branding are unaffected.

However, when the signal was still down a day later, I contacted Meteor support. As a result, if the offer does not seem that good at present, check back a week or two later.


Eir simplicity prepay now offers 20GB per day invertval. For example, they usually vary the promotional discount and duration every few weeks.

However, they do appear to randomly block the connection. Desktop broadband routers such as the Huawei Bs have antennas far more sensitive than those in handsets.

Also I only have the Huawei for 6 mths on their 50GB plan, would they give an unlock code after 6 mths, It would be handy. Portable devices tend to be mteof resource heavy on the network as their smaller internal antennas are not as sensitive.

Huawei E586 Modem locked to Meteor?

Under the circumstances I think I should get an unlocking code, Meteor Broadband is too expensive and I want to use it elsewhere, I know the rules for getting a phone which was locked to Meteor changed in recent months so there’s no reason I can’t get this wifi dongle unlocked.

Eir is even worse, for example, Eir does not even have 3G coverage most of the way between Donegal and Ballybofey.

Have to say that’s utterly ridiculous after spending that amount on the actual dongle and topping up loads during the first 8 months I had it your effectively penalising me as I haven’t used it in 6 months, glad I’m not with Meteor anymore, incredible.

When this happens, the SIM is generally only temporarily blocked.